General Information or Assistance

Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
8804 41st ST N
Pinellas Park FL 33782-5824
Phone: 352-452-0806

Procedures or Application Assistance

Lion Beverly Kruger, MD-35 Projects Chairperson
Phone: 941-488-4928
FAX: 941-412-1058

Financial Assistance

The Foundation's Eligibility Application for Financial Assistance form may be downloaded and/or printed by clicking here. Note, this form is for LIONS USE ONLY.

Directions for completing the financial assistance form may be viewed or printed by clicking here.

Please follow the guidelines for the total household income when qualifying a case for financial assistance from the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind, Inc. Remember, if the patient is a child, you must still qualify according to the total household income.

If a patient has Medicare, the Florida Lions Foundation does not get involved. The doctors, facility, and anesthesiologist should take what Medicare pays as payment in full.

Note: At the Foundation's annual meeting in May 2005, the Executive Board approved the Foundation paying for Bilateral Cataract Surgery only after receiving a denial from Division of Blind Services or Vocational Rehab.