It happened when he was just 6 years old.  He was trying to cut a piece of tape with a scissors.  The tape parted and the scissors punctured his right eye.  This accident was followed by numerous attempts to fix the eye.  Nearly 20 years later the pain was so severe he could not open the eye.  In 2012 this situation was brought to the attention of the Sebastian Lions by their president, Lion Phyllis Kennerk.  The club voted to support an effort to obtain the support of the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind to help provide the funds necessary for the surgery needed to remove the damaged eye and provide a prosthesis.   Lion Past District Governor Geoff Wade was contacted and the Foundation agreed to fund the bulk of the cost for the surgery.  Last Tuesday, August 28, Mr. Luke Denniston and his wife Lindsay and their son Will attended the Lions club meeting so Luke could personally thank the members for their support.  It was an emotional event and the club was moved by his show of gratitude.  He now is pain free and has a prosthetic eye which appears perfectly normal although it is, of course, sightless.  The accompanying photo shows from left to right, PDG Geoff Wade, Luke Denniston holding Will, Lindsay Denniston and Lion President Phyllis Kennerk.

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Foundation Recognition

District 35-O PDG Shel Reichard was contacted by the Mid Florida Eye Center of Mt. Dora regarding a fund raising event that Dr. Gregory Panzo would like to perform on behalf of the Lions. The event involved Dr. Panzo, family members and friends participating in a 7-day, 442 mile bicycle ride in the 38th Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. Dr. Panzo accepted donations of $1 or more from the public. As a result of Dr. Panzo's fund raising effort, a check in the amount of $1000 was presented to the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind. The check was accepted on behalf of the Foundation by DG Shel and Lion Carol Reichard, Foundation Director. In recognition of Dr. Panzo's efforts he has been recognized as a Grand Lion by the Foundation.


H. Lee Woods

A GIANT of a man. What would the FL Lions have done without him? More important what would the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind, Inc. done without him?

Lion Lee has been a LION for over thirty years. Twenty-five years with the Interlachen Lions and now with the Ocala-Fort King Lions. He has always professed the ideas of what a LION is supposed to show the world. What we are and what we do for mankind! When he served as District Governor he brought these strong beliefs to his District [35-L]. always so proud of Lionism and all that we do. This is what Lion Lee brought to the Florida Lions Foundation. During his time serving as the Executive Secretary/Treasurer he was always there in whatever capacity necessary for the Foundation to succeed and become the best entity within MD-35. Not only do we serve with sight related cases brought to us from our Lions Clubs, we have been very fortunate [financially] to be able to assist with grants to many of our MD Entities [when funds allow].

In 1993 our Life Membership Program started as we know it today. In the ten years before the Life Membership Program, funding started out slow with funding only reaching about $1400.00. Lee promoted the new program and the first Grand Lion is in the name of H. Lee Woods. Lee said that in order to support this program he needed to display his belief in the program and what it could develop into. That is what has taken place since 1993 and our goal every year is to reach many Grand Lions. Over the years Lee has also contributed many times having received 5 Grand Lions in his name and also with Juanita having receiving 5 Grand Lions. Our investments with these restricted funds have increased over the years and helped the Foundation to follow the Mission of Service for others.

H. Lee Woods & Juanita

Other Recognition



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