Eyelid Injuries

Eyelid injuries may be blunt, penetrating, or avulsive in nature and are often due to flying objects, motor vehicle accidents, tree branches, dog bites cat scratches, etc. The first step in the management of such an injury is to take a careful history in order to appreciate the “mechanism of the injury” and, the “force and velocity” at which the object approached the eye. In all eyelid trauma cases, it is essential to examine the eye in order to rule out damage to the globe prior to treatment of the lid abnormality. A visual acuity examination is essential followed by an assessment of ocular structures and functions (corneal integrity, status of anterior chamber, pupil reaction, ocular motility, etc.)

For penetrating eyelid injuries (tree branch, knife, etc.), the initial approach remains the same: the eye and various ocular functions must be assessed prior to treatment of the lid defect. Penetrating eyelid injuries may be full or partial thickness, and may include the lid margin.

Avulsive eyelid injuries involve tissue loss and planning of appropriate lid reconstruction. Penetrating injuries due to sharp objects usually leave all the tissue present, whereas dog bite injuries often have areas of missing tissue.

Laceration of lower eyelid

Laceration after primary surgical repair

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